Office Cleaning Troy

  Keep the building clean, ever care up
         to standard is good for appearance 
            and so much batter for health.                                                 

Meticulous Cleaning 

Services Michigan

I and B cleaning company offers general servicing facilities with three different crews, when necessary, really has a suitable impact on all of them:
janitorial service, detail tasks, housekeeping
and specialized duties. 
It is devoted  in its ability  to provide a  complete range of the needs based quality  for commercial cleaning facility  and house cleaning recurring. Rather, I & B has established itself  balancin
the tasks and paying outstanding attention to 
quality.  Meanwhile  putting severely in the work 
detail and housekeeping  job by distinguished 
team, in a familiar tidy fashion habitget the 
job done  cleverly. 
 Sfar so good I&company come under user-office manager testimonial and service awards.

      Green Cleaning 

  Brand equipment and product came into common use over the years by 

I & B crews. It'strict in the matter of green system, possessing the quality by nature. So that said, it is the cause,  

bio cleaning, chemical fre

product that it has been working 

in the practice gainfully.


      Tidy Janitorial Service  

 I&B prop solely to plead on job concern and stood in full view of guaranteeing 

satisfaction. The company services are supervised and all professional work completed by  a team of three crews experienced, reliable, trusted and thoughtful. They  must maintain a hard attitude working separately  in three skilled and unskilled jobs  - office cleaning, detail plus housekeeping tasks and specialized services. 

The  I & B crews   trying hard to accomplish   their duties  matching with the scope of work

 of cleaning industry

The work in a team calls to make sure the plan  of cleaning tasks is working 

properly.  All crews   as well as keep on working steadfastly with care, and using brand equipment,  green clean products to  get  cleaning  contract done in   high standard.  That 's  

 what it's giving the reliable business 

 the  authority  in a  firm manner.

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 Caver-all Cleaning jobs  

  I & B provides  professionally one stop cleaning job. That means a  company be able to attend to customer their necessary cleaning.    

In order to do properly the work, except daily routine duties, I and B  needs to insert  

on a  regular basis, extra  tasks for areas interior and exterior of entrance and also removing spots everywhere in the building.

So it  accomplishes  so much  more job description over a standard basis, boiling them down to three areas - janitorial service or maid service, detail tasks and the specialized work.

Meanwhile, it offers carpet cleaning and window washing to negotiating customer for office cleaning. Meanwhile those clients could be interested for other services, as useful offer below and keep on giving order, as appropriate,  for all of them.

  I and B has been contracted to do  lots of cleaning service in numerous offices  of every size, even in facilities with high traffic. That said like hotel, church, school, store, factory and property, bringing indeed client       

in - out of the building,

  and  daily crew just keep office spaces tidy.

Getting the job done by  committed staff the clients have appreciated the correct way  the crew takes care to their cleaning needs.They have always gotten good job and reasonable payment as well.

The outcome of lot year's experience, it has  prevailed  technical tasks, improving them and have invested brand new equipment, tools and green  products.

 I and B, well based on a rational plan and hard work, strives to be on a high level, delivering the quality

in  Office cleaning services

Certainly, customer comment and feedback are instrumental in achieving its goal

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                     Janitorial service
                   Custodial cleaning service         
                          Carpet cleaning
                          Window washing  



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"cheriej1 Cherie J. New Reviewer 7/17/14 "Our medical office has been very pleased and completely satisfied with the cleaning services of I & B Cleaning Services. Without fail, every Monday morning when we walk in, the office is spotless. As the office manager, I am thrilled that the cleanliness of our office is never a concern. We have complete confidence in their confidentiality as well. If you would like to contact me, our number is 248-608-0360. Our office is in Rochester Hills." Votes (0) • Respond as company • Link to this review was submitted to site-jabber.     

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"5/5 stars July 2, 2014 I&B Cleaning Services is a phenomenal commercial cleaning company. We used this service at a time when we had a lot of people packed into a small space which made cleaning difficult. I&B always went above and beyond to ensure that the space was spotless. Everything from pricing to customer service was excellent. I would definitely recommend this service to other businesses. Tracy Greene - Supervisor, Contract Management & Financial Analysis, RTT USA, Inc. Tracy G. Contact me at 248-544-4022 ext 1124 Link to this review was submitted t0