Cleaning Agreement



I and B Cleaning Services
Licensed and Insured


          This is a cleaning estimate prepared for the office to:



              Interior cleaning, 5 days/nights 

  The quality of advanced commercial  cleaning we adhere to: 

      1. Clean floors by vacuuming and/or microfiber cleaner. (Daily)

      2. Clean hard floors by damp mopping or cleaning equipment. (Daily or Weekly as appropriate)

      3. Dust and clean horizontal surfaces (cleared surfaces of desks, chairs, tables, filing cabinets

          furniture and unobstructed work areas) (Daily or Weekly)

      4. Sanitize telephones. (Weekly)

      5. Empty and damp wipe ashtrays and waste receptacles. (Daily)

      6. Remove smudges around doorjambs, push plates,light switches, glass partitions, counters,monitors, 

         computer,window ledges,baseboards, artwork, bookcases, kick plates, and spider/cobweb anywhere  

          in office.(Weekly)

       7. Sanitize and polish all water fountains. (Daily) 

       8. Restrooms: Thoroughly clean and mop with a germicide or green clean product. Clean mirrors, 

           partitions,urinals, toilets, sink and shower/tub. ( Daily)                                                                                

       8.1. Refilling of soap and paper product will be performed with supplies furnished by your firm.

       9. Remove soil on entrance door frames, handles, glass and threshold. (Daily or Weekly as appropriate)

            10. Sweep surface of immediate exterior entry areas. (Daily)       

            11. Dust High Reach areas - ceiling vents, grills. (Monthly)                      

            12. Leave offices and furniture in a neat orderly fashion. (Daily)

            13. Report any unusual occurrences, malfunctions, damages. (As needed)                

            14. Kitchen and lunch areas (Daily

        ·  Wipe  damp  table tops, counters, and exteriors of cabinets.

·       Empty trash containers and remove trash and over flow recycling to the designated area.

·   Wipe    damp  exterior and interior of microwave ovens.

·       Sweep or dust mop and damp mop resilient flooring to remove spills and stains.

·       Clean and sanitize sinks.

·       Wipe exterior and top of the refrigerator.

 Clean up refrigerators as requested for an additional fee per refrigerator billed separately from monthly cleaning services.

15. Sanitize - and freshen by wet cleaning horizontal and vertical area, like floor, carpet, restroom, kitchen, wall etc  (Monthly or quarterly).

16. Carpet cleaning (Quarterly or bi-annual).

Requested carpet cleaning item  16 billed (5-25 cent for sq/ft) .                                           

Attentively to scope of work and concrete condition of the building, I and B crew will do much more planning, controlling, working hard and smart, meaning quantity and quality to complete the job, getting it done. Since the first day, in addition to daily duty, the leaders will do a general  inspection of the building's neatness to identify any shortages and provide a specific solution. Meanwhile, it will take care of cleaning stains and dust anywhere in hard floors, carpet, walls, doors, glasses and furniture. 

 It similarly will be the right approach to better determine the effectiveness of equipment, tools, green cleaning products.   Much the same as affording to buy new equipment and given fair hours/rate for its crew.

 The leaders have the ability to be every day on the job, working with the daily crew and preoccupied over weekly and monthly duty.  They   shall take care of the detailed and specialized cleaning tasks of our services. As the day job wound up they emend  cleaning tasks, something that's not the way it ought to be. Like that side putting  everything in order.  

 I and B does not claim perfection, but it promises probity, quality, and consistence. Its pledge is day to day costumer satisfaction. They will be pleased with the difference a prudent professional cleaning service

 can make in the appearance and cleanliness of their office.  



                         TOTAL COST PER MONTH:  $

                      (Note: If supplies are purchased through I&B, sales tax will apply to the purchase.)


I _____________________, authorize I&B Cleaning Services, to begin cleaning service of our office on the following date: _____________________   




                     I&B Cleaning Services

                      D-U-N-S 85-917-5775

                       Tel. 248-504-5392











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